WEDNESDAY, 07 September 2016 ____________________________


19:00 – 20:30

Registration (MAICh's Conference Center)




Welcome Reception
(Restaurant Mediterranean – Conference Center)


THURSDAY, 08 September 2016 ______________________________


08:30 – 09:30

(MAICh's Conference Center)



09:30 – 11:30

Introductory session, Key-Note Speakers


Chair: Konstadinos Mattas


Welcoming address and formal opening:
Baourakis Georgios - Mattas Konstadinos

"A new generation cooperative: inspiration from social venture experiments"

Prof. Dr. Ir. Gert van Dijk, Cooperative Business Administration and Management at Neynrode Universiteit, The Netherlands

“Deepening the EU-MED Cooperation in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in the Wake of the Arab Spring”

Dr. Lassaad Lachaal, Representative United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Tunisia

"Preaching Trade Liberalization: An Impediment to Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation for Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development"

Prof. Michel Petit, Institut Agronomique Méditerranéen in Montpellier, France




11:30 – 12:00

Coffee break



12:00 – 13:30





Euro-Med Agricultural- Food Policy


Chair: Pierangeli Fabio


The Impact of Turkish Agricultural Policy on Competitiveness of Cotton Production

Gürer Betül - Ören M. Necat - Türkekul Berna - Abay Canan  - Özalp Burhan

Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Migrants' Integration. Reflexive governance and its results on food policy: the case of Barikamà Cooperative in Rome

Bernaschi Daniela - Crisci Giacomo

The stochastic effects of the end of Chinese corn stockpiling policy on European countries

Pieralli Simone - Kanadani Campos Silvia - Pérez Domínguez Ignacio

The redistributive policy of direct payments in Italy towards the next CAP reform

Pierangeli Fabio - Solazzo Roberto




Session 1b

Food security and agricultural challenges in the Euro - Mediterranean Region


Chair: Carbone Anna


Assessing Economic and Agricultural Aspects of Food Security: Trends and Prospects in the Euro - Mediterranean Region

Solaroli Laura - Camanzi Luca - Malorgio Giulio

A vision and a framework of governance for sustainability: assuring food security within natural systems

Sajeva Maurizio - Lemon Mark - Singh Sahota Parminder

Exploring alternative distribution channels of agricultural products

Nikolaou Kallirroi - Tsakiridou Efthimia - Anastasiadis Foivos - Mattas Konstadinos

The “sophistication” of agro - food imports from the Mediterranean Countries:  competition or complementarities?

Carbone Anna  - Henke Roberto




Session 1c

Food security and agricultural challenges in the Euro - Mediterranean Region


Chair: Ihle Rico


Metrics and models for Sustainable Food Systems

Prosperi Paolo - Allen Thomas - Padilla Martine - Peri Iuri - Cogill Bruce

Quantitative or qualitative food security for Tunisia?

Boudiche Sonia - Ameur Mehrez - Khaldi Raoudha

Effects of the Arab Spring on the wheat trade of Egypt

Veninga Willeke - Ihle Rico

Factors affecting consumers’ buying behaviour under economic crisis

Theodoridou Glykeria - Tsakiridou Efthimia - Kalogeras Nikolaos - Mattas Konstadinos




Session 1d

Socio - economic aspects of food and rural policies


Chair: Toma Luiza


The impact of sustainable aspects in the meat sector – A cluster analysis based on consumer attitudes towards sustainability aspects and store format choice

Pirsich Wiebke - Weinrich Ramona

Willingness to Pay for Malaria Prophylaxis in Ethiopia

Soname Simon - Holloway Garth

How well do consumers understand food waste labelling? A comparison between Mediterranean and non - Mediterranean Europe

Toma Luiza - Costa Font Montserrat  - Thompson Bethan




13:30 – 15:00

Lunch (Restaurant Mediterranean)



15:00 – 16:30




Session 2a

Consumer’s behavior in the Euro - Mediterranean Region


Chair: Tsakiridou Efthimia


Demand for food diversity in Romania

Alexandri Cecilia - Luca Lucian  - Pauna Bianca

Tourists' behaviour towards Cretan local food

Hammami AbdelMalek - Stanton John  - Periklis Drakos - Baourakis George - Van Dijk Gert - Mamalis Spyridon

Valuing consumer perceptions of olive oil authenticity

Chousou Charoula - Tsakiridou Efthimia - Mattas Konstantinos




Session 2b

Food Security in the Euro - Mediterranean Region


Chair: Koc Ahmet Ali


Food Security and Food Regimes.

Soldevila Victoria - Rosell Jordi - Viladomiu Lourdes

The correlation between Mediterranean Food Security and Black Sea and East Europe Agricultural Expansion

ZHEMOYDA Oleksandr - LOS Dmytro

The Economic Determinants Of Food Security In The Mena Region

Koc Ahmet Ali - OZDAMAR Oznur  - UYSAL Peyman

What Does Young Generation want to eat and do for being healthy from the perspective of Today and Future?

Veziroglu Puren - Ciftci Kenan - Miran Bulent - Nur Sahin Ayca




Session 2C

Natural resources management and food security nexus


Chair: Severini Simone


Full cost recovery of irrigation water supply, and water pricing systems under climate variability conditions in a Mediterranean agricultural area.

Dell'Unto Davide  - Cortignani Raffaele - Dono Gabriele

Exploring Water - Food Security Nexus in Middle East and North Africa Region: a Multidimensional Assessment

Scardigno Alessandra - Capone Roberto - El Bilali Hamid - Cardone Gianluigi

Assessment of Water Distribution under Pivot Irrigation Systems Using Remote Sensing Imagery in Eastern Nile Delta

Farg Eslam - Medany Arafat Sayed

Assessing the economic role of irrigation and the productivity of irrigation water in Mediterranean countries: the case of Italy

Severini Simone - Cortignani Raffaele - Dono Gabriele - Vita Emanuele




Session 2d

Environmental aspects of food and rural policies


Chair: Was Adam


Phosphorus pollution of Irish High Status River Bodies: A scenario approach for evaluation of mitigation options

Micha Evgenia - Ryan Mary - Roberts William - Daly Karen

Assessing the interactions between agricultural production and the dimensions of sustainability: Findings from FBS data

Vittis George - Gadanakis Yiorgos - Mortimer Simon

Which strategies for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture? Insights from a preliminary context - specific analysis.

Prosperi Paolo - Bartolini Fabio - Brunori Gianluca - Grando Stefano - Vergamini Daniele

Environmental pressures of different types of FADN farms in Poland

Was Adam - Majewski Edward - Kobus Paweł




16:30 – 17:00

Coffee break



17:00 – 19:00





P1. Effect of Saline Water Drip Irrigation on Tomato Yield and Quality Characteristics under Mediterranean Greenhouse Conditions

Apostolakis Antonios - Koutskoudis Dimitrios - Deligianni Anastasia - Wagner Karl - Daliakopoulos Ioannis - Stamatakis Aristeidis - Tsanis Ioannis

P2. Bayesian Belief Network Analysis of Soil Salinisation Management Strategies

Daliakopoulos Ioannis - Quinn Claire - Tsanis Ioannis

P3. The competitiveness of Polish apples on international markets.

Kraciński Paweł

P4.Exploring the Priorities of Agricultural Research in the EU

Brtolini Fabio - Gava Oriana - Favilli Elena - Prosperi Paolo - Vergamini Daniele - Brunori Gianluca

P5. What Does Young Generation want to eat and do for being healthy from the perspective of Today and Future?

Veziroglu Puren - Ciftci Kenan - Miran Bulent - Nur Sahin Ayca

P6. Opportunities of price risk limitation in horticultural sector in Poland

Zaremba Lukasz

P7. Innovation for tradition: consumers' acceptance of “DNA controllato” technology in Carnaroli rice

Ferrazzi Giovanni - Demartini Eugenio - Ventura Vera - Ratti Sabrina - Gaviglio Anna  - Balzaretti Claudia

P8. Factors limiting the consumption of organic extra virgin olive oil in Spain

Manuela Vega-Zamora, Manuel Parras -Rosa and Francisco José Torres-Ruiz





Dinner – Cretan Night (Restaurant Mediterranean)





FRIDAY, 09 September 2016 _________________________________


9:30 – 11:00




Session 3a

Key elements in food marketing and logistics


Chair: Schamel Guenter


Price relations along the EU food supply chains: A panel cointegration analysis

Rezitis Anthony - Rokopanos Andreas

How to conceptualize a food supply chain: an analytical framework for sustainability

Giray Fatma Handan - Tarakcioglu Mehmet

Identification / Mapping of the distribution channels and supply chains of Cretan Aromatic plants

Magkana Fani - Tsafarakis Stelios - Drakos Periklis - Baourakis George - Zoupounidis Konstantinos - Mamalis Spyridon

Supply Chain Organization Effects on Wine Quality and Producer Reputation

Schamel Guenter




Session 3b

Sustainable development


Chair: TOZANLI Selma


Role of Buffalo production in Sustainable Development of Rural Regions

Soliman Ibrahim

Achieving sustainable capacity: Incorporating quality attributes to the production efficiency analysis

Iliakis Konstantinos - Gadanakis Yiorgos - Park Julian

Generation Z perceptions of quality certification: A cross cultural study

Mamalis Spyridon - Kamenidou Eirini - Dimitriadis Efstathios

Clusters as tools of sustainable territorial development: Lactimed experience in dairy value chain in the Mediterranean

TOZANLI Selma - Badouin Aurélien - Lapujade Jeanne - El Hadad Gauthier Fatima




Session 3c

Economic development in Euro - Med region


Chair: Malorgio Giulio


Lesson from the North Africa and Middle East Crisis: an Agricultural Economics Approach to Predict Riots?

Ferrazzi Giovanni - Casati Dario

Oil palm, wage labor, and rural economic development: Insights from Indonesia

Bou Dib Jonida - Qaim Matin

Towards a common understanding of agro - food products economic sustainability: Insights from Apulia region, Italy

Capone Roberto - Malorgio Giulio - Cardone Gianluigi - El Bilali Hamid - Bottalico Francesco - Debs Philipp




Session 3d

Environment and climate change


Chair: Galanopoulos Konstantinos


Albanian smallholders’ perceptions of climate change impacts: a "willingness to pay" assessment

Metaliu Ada

Understanding the role of Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation System in the agroenergy sector: the case of biogas diffusion in Tuscany

Favilli Elena - Gava Oriana - Bartolini Fabio - Brunori Gianluca

Les variations spatiales des subventions dans la filière lait en Algérie. Quelle efficacité aux aides de l’Etat ?

Kheffache Hamida - Ngouhouo Poufoun Jonas

Greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural income for European countries; A survey with non - linear ARDL framework

Zafeiriou Eleni - Galanopoulos Konstantinos - Karelakis Christos




Session 3e

Agriculture market development


Chair: Revoredo - Giha Cesar


Cost Flexibility of Czech Agricultural Producers

Cechura Lukas

Poverty and olive oil: options for inclusive development in southern Tunisia

Kassam Shinan - Fetoui Mondher - Dhehibi Boubaker - AbdelAdhim Mohamed - Sghaier Mongi

Assessing the value of product attributes in the EVOO high quality market segment

Sabbatini Valentina - Cacchiarelli Luca - Carbone Anna

An Analysis of the Preferences for Fruits from the Mediterranean Areas in Scotland

Revoredo - Giha Cesar




11:00 – 11:30

Coffee break



11:30 – 13:00




Session 4a

CAP reform in Med region


Chair: Mili Samir


The future of alfalfa after the CAP reform: an institutional interpretation matter

Donati Michele - Solazzo Roberto - Veneziani Mario - Arfini Filippo

Two pillars a unique strategy? The CAP 2014 - 2020 in the EU Member States

Pierangeli Fabio - Monteleone Alessandro - Tarangioli Serena - Romeo Lironcurti Simona

The effects of the reformed CAP to cereal crops

Markopoulos Theodoros  - Papadopoulos Sotiris  - Karelakis Christos  - Galanopoulos Konstantinos  - Mattas Konstadinos

Investigating the impacts of EU CAP reform 2014 - 2020 and developments in sustainable olive farming systems

Mili Samir - Judez Lucinio - De Andres Rosario




Session 4b

Marketing tools for Mediterranean products in the international market


Chair: Stelios Katranidis


Identifying wine producers’ marketing strategies: An empirical analysis in Tuscany

Vergamini Daniele - Bartolini Fabio - Brunori Gianluca - Prosperi Paolo - Grando Stefano

Marketing prospects for Mediterranean products in domestic markets: The case of Moroccan Majhoul dates

Lambarraa Fatima - Ihle Rico - Mhaouch Khadija

Consumers attitudes towards hunting activity and stated preference for red deer meat: evidences from a Northern Italian survey

Demartini Eugenio - Gaviglio Anna - Tempesta Tiziano - Viganò Roberto

Greek Agro –food firms during economic crisis: firm’s strategic, marketing and financial choices

Notta Ourania - Vlachvei Aspasia




Session 4c

Euro - Mediterranean partnership and cooperation


Chair: Pennings  Joost M. E.


Cooperative Members' Satisfaction: A Review of Metrics

Kokotas Nikolaos - Sergaki Panagiota - Kalogeras Nikolaos

Does “New Entrants in Agriculture” Means New Members for Agricultural Cooperatives?

Bakatsis Ioannis - Sergaki Panagiota  - Kontogeorgos Achilleas - Chatzitheodoridis Fotios

Are better sustainable firms making more money?  Dependency between economic, environmental, social and corporate governance performance

AitSidhoum Amer - Serra Teresa - Gil Roig Jose Maria

Commodity Risk Management Expertise Center: A Multidisciplinary Perspective to Cooperative Education & Training

Kalogeras Nikos  - Pennings  Joost M. E.




Session 4d

Development of sustainable agriculture


Chair: Vourdoubas John


The competitiveness of French grapevines producers with decreasing use of pesticides.

Plaas Elke - Schuette Rebekka

Substituting cereal - based pig feed with grass protein from green biorefinery: is it an economic and environmental sustainable way for agriculture?

Cong Ronggang

Applications of hidden Markov models for production risk assessment in crop farms

Gavrilescu Camelia - Kevorchian Cristian - Hurduzeu Gheorghe

Use of renewable energies in greenhouses for the improvement of agricultural crops

Vourdoubas John




13:00 – 13:30

Closing Remarks


Mattas Konstadinos



13:30 – 15:00

Lunch (Restaurant Mediterranean)




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